Direct Deposit For Small Business

Direct Deposit via ACH

Save time and cut costs with Direct Deposit via ACH—invaluable benefits for your small business regardless of the number of employees you have. Using Direct Deposit eliminates manual check preparation and improves operating efficiency. Any kind of payment to your employees can be made electronically, and transactions are safe and easy to reconcile.

For your employees, Direct Deposit via ACH is a convenient, time-saving benefit. Employees’ pay goes straight into their accounts on time, every time, and funds are available at the opening of business on payday. Fewer trips to the bank contribute to increased productivity in the workplace. And by splitting their Direct Deposit into several accounts, you can also help your employees build savings automatically.

Easy and Secure:

    Direct Deposit via ACH benefits your business:
  • On time, every time
  • Simplifies your payroll process
  • Reduces fraud
  • Increases confidentiality
  • Transfers funds securely
  • Helps protect the environment
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