Direct Deposit How it Works For Individuals

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In 3 Simple steps


Sign Up: Complete a simple authorization form provided by the organization that is paying you. This authorizes the electronic deposit of funds into one or more of your checking or savings accounts for your pay or other recurring deposits. You may be asked to provide a voided check or a copy of a document from your bank or credit union that verifies your account number and the institution’s routing transit number. This ensures that your Direct Deposit via ACH is set up accurately.

Set Up: The rest of the setup is between your financial institution and the organization making the payment. Once confirmation is received, the company can start paying you by Direct Deposit.

Get Paid: One to two days before the money is posted to your account, the organization that is paying you sends instructions to its financial institution. Your money is generally available to you the morning of the day you get paid. You’ll be able to access a record of the transaction through your own bank or credit union, either online or via hard copy request. In addition, the organization paying you may provide you with a confirmation, particularly when the transaction is a payroll or dividend payment.

Quick FAQs

How many people use Direct Deposit via ACH?
Direct Deposit via ACH is widely used. Three out of four working Americans who have access to Direct Deposit via ACH use it. 97% of people who use Direct Deposit via ACH are very satisfied with it.
Can I divide my pay among different accounts?
With Direct Deposit via ACH, you may have the option of splitting the deposit between one or more checking or savings accounts.
What if my employer does not offer Direct Deposit via ACH?
Tell your employer that you're interested in Direct Deposit via ACH. A one-page fact sheet is available to show your employer the benefits of Direct Deposit via ACH.
How soon can I withdraw money when I receive a Direct Deposit via ACH payment?
Your money is generally available to you at the open of business on the day of the deposit.

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