Direct Deposit Overview For Individuals

Streamline your Banking with Direct Deposit Via ACH

Once you set up Direct Deposit via ACH for your pay or another type of payment, your money transfers directly into your accounts—on time, every time. You don’t have to make a special trip to your bank or credit union, or pay the high fees charged by check-cashing services to gain access to your own money. It’s deposited into your account automatically and is available to you on the day of deposit.

Your transactions are safe and confidential since money transferred electronically passes through fewer hands than a paper check. Electronic processing also helps to reduce waste and harmful emissions to the environment.

Direct Deposit via ACH is:

  • Simple—easy to set up and use
  • Safe—transfers funds securely
  • Smart—saves you time and hassle
  • Green—helps protect the environment
Every year, processing checks uses more than 674 million gallons of fuel
How it works

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